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Former Tick cartoonist offers releases new series

Hello all. Come and check out the new series The Flickers and humor anthology Laugh Riot at http://www.flophousecomics.com. They are not yet distributed anywhere else and, for a limited time, are available with shipping included in the cover price.

The Flickers is by Gabe Crate, former artist and writer for the superhero spoof The Tick. This is his first series since leaving The Tick and he is really enjoying starting something completely different and new. Gabe has a personal Live Journal asturd he’d love to hear from you.

Laugh Riot is a humor-themed anthology featuring the work of Michael Kupperman, Neil Hamburger (America’s favorite standup comedian), Johnny Ryan, Evan Dorkin, Melanie Lewis and many others, including the first work from Pete Sickman-Garner since Hey Mister!

Stop by and check it out. Thanks!
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