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hey, folks. i was a huge fan of the series back when it was on saturday mornings all those years ago. i don't think it got much better than that. maybe the comics, but i can't afford to buy a bunch of those yet.

i started downloading all the episodes from kazaa recently, and i'm proud to say i'm back in the tick fandom. once i get all the episodes, i'm thinking of making and distributing a torrent of all of them or maybe just season by season, because it's rather hard to find.

anyway, check out my icon. speak is probably the most awesome character (besides the tick and sewer urchin) in the whole series.


edit: i was/am also a fan of eek! the cat, but it's even impossibler to find than the tick. if anyone comes across some episodes, please, point me in their direction.

one more edit:

i posted this on just now:

Every fan of The Tick would agree--WE NEED THIS SERIES ON DVD!!!

you can help. there is a site dedicated to getting unreleased shows with hungry fanbases into our homes. in GOOD quality. not some bootleg downloaded from the internet, and not some fuzzy tape from a decade ago.

go to and register. it doesn't take very long; you just need to get your password in the mail and sign in and go to to vote (i'm sticking my vote for "season sets", but if you're willing to buy any tick release, by all means, pick those too).

also, contact fox and pester them about releasing a DVD. maybe we'll make a difference by doing that.
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