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So has anyone out there bought the complete live action series of the tick,

I have but it lacks the tick flare and he DOSENT EVEN SAY SPOON!

was wondering if anyone thought the same?
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yeah, i noticed. I want the animated series back...
I really liked the live series, it's a cool re-imagining of the whole concept. And I think Patrick Warburton was as perfect a Tick as one can get in live action.

Still, had it been given a bigger budget, it could have included some comic-style fight scenes and such. I would love to see this done as a movie.

By the way, I'm new here. Hi!
I agree, honestly they shoulda done more stuff from the old series and comic books.

also they couldnt find a better tick

and HI welcome
it'll do in a pinch. not the same as the animated, but warburton's tick is great. as for not including "spoon" or other thing from the comic/cartoon, i bet they would have gotten to it. after all, there were only 9 episodes.
I know but I guess I was expecting more
espically the little wooden boy